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Greetings World! We Are AnonCoders
We Are The Sound Of The Forgotten People, The Freedom Fighter In The CyberWorld And Our Main Target Is sionism And israhell, If You Are Asking Why Your Website Got Hacked By Us, It's Basically Because We Want To Share Our Message And Show The World Who We Are, We Are Not Looking For Fame, But We Have A Goal To Achieve
Don't Call Us Terrorists, AnonCoders Is A Team That Hacks For A Cause. We Defend The Dignity Of humanity !
#OpIsrael Decided , Expect us ! ^^ Palestina In Our Hearts!

We Are: Albania Attacker/SvBoyW/Black Worm/S@NT3T3/Dr.T3rr0r/DarkShadow-TN/Virus Noir/Skeed/M4XS4L1M1/Sys Ghost/Libya SQL Root/
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